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May 27th, 3:03 PM - Zohra (Venus) The Alchemist 

Dear friends,


I love you all dearly.


This is a very important time - this now moment is a cross point between many many realities with many diverse outcomes. It is critical that you are making your emotional choices consciously. By that I mean, you are consciously directing and moving your individual vibrational frequency to the desired outcome. It requires acute attention to your inner whispers… it can be challenging sometimes, yes. But, you are here to grow and expand. This is the only way it can happen, by being present and recognizing where you need to shift and adjusting your vibration.


I hope this following doesn’t trigger you but, if it does it’s important you investigate the trigger.


Just knowing theoretically the concepts is not enough. You have to apply it and operate from it. You have to feel it and move into that vibration viscerally not mere theoretically. That is how you shift your reality. Things that trigger you investigate, it is exactly where your resistance reside. Go deep into it and release it. That is how you move into your higher vibration. It doesn’t happen with theoretic understanding and saying it is - It happens when you release what’s on the way … your triggers are a divine message telling you to look in to that - that’s why it has a stings - to get your attention.


The above requires your full presence and attention within yourself and staying present with your self… Seek your blindspots and bring it to light. That’s how you free yourself - from inner-standing in this space.


There is a lot of news from so called good guys and bad guys - none of that will serve you to change your vibration. That will just move your attention and energy to more of what keeps you away from doing inner work. It is an escape. Even if it seems like good news… it’s temporary satisfaction of knowledge which will not change your inner vibration. That will not be what frees you. You will be the only one that frees you. By raising your vibration from inside out… This is the only way. The news that moves your vibration to lower fields, has its own agenda even if it is being broadcast on platforms that are seemingly here to help… it all moves through their filters… listen only to your own inner compass. Don’t give your power away to anything outside of you.


It is all in your hands. Allow it to flow through you. You can do it by getting out of the way of the flow of your source coming through. That only happens, to its full potential, when you have released lower vibration frequencies from your physical body. If you are getting triggered no matter what it is, you are still carrying lower vibrations in your body. Investigate it and release it. It’s for your own freedom. It is for your own growth. It’s for your own well-being dearest humanity. We are all in this together. We are all here to help each other to best outcome of one another’s potential.


This is the time of the biggest test of our inner strength, in the history of our existence. We all need to stay centred so we can allow the flow of source to move in to all we do, meet, touch…


Blessed be you that is doing the hard work of everyday.


Much love to you now and always,


Zohra (Venus) The Alchemist 🙌🙏🏼💓🌹💞

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